A Garway

Tools for Days


Of course you’ll use a 3 ton floor jack more than once, especially because you got it with a coupon. Been stockpiling the 25% off coupons from Harbor Freight for such trips. Also in cart: 4 clamps, 2 pairs of gloves, hitch jack, staple gun, tape measure (free), flashlight (free), and a multi-tool. The floor jack was the most expensive thing at $70, and the multi-tool, $40, was second. We’ll be back for some jack stands (to put the trailer on after we get it inside), a deep socket wrench set, and more gloves. This will probably be the biggest tool shopping spree that we’ll have to do. It’ll mostly be a time, patience, and lumber, investment from here.

Side-Thought: I wonder if we should’ve checked to make sure the black tank was empty prior to bringing it into the space.

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