A Garway

The SE Tool Library is Magical


Ever wanted to go running through a place, ransacking shelves with whatever you could fit in your hands? This is the place to do such a thing with rusty tools!

We found the SE Tool Library on Yelp one day, and came out with a dozen tools in our first trip. You can borrow the tools, and bring them back a week later; just like a library. Like the neighbor you never knew you had. One of those beautifully simple ideas that you wish you had for everything in life. It’s as good as it sounds, and available to all SE Portlanders.

Here are some things we got: Hacksaw, sawzall, drill, hammer, chisels, crowbars, nail gun, floor scraper, heat gun, and circular skill saw. Can’t wait to donate some things, as well, as we have a gigantic tote ominously labeled, “tools” that we don’t use.


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