A Garway

Measure Twice, Remove the Wheels Once

32-garway-vintage-trailer-restore 31-garway-vintage-trailer-restoreIMG_628835-garway-vintage-trailer-restore

We need to roll the trailer into the spot, through two garage doors. The interior one is smaller than the exterior one, and we underestimated how tall the trailer was. We’ve been watching videos of, “How to take the axle/leaf springs off trailers,” and feel ill-prepared for the task. But we’re gonna do it anyway because seems like the only idea and we need to have it inside to work on it. These rain-free days won’t last.

Also giving it a dishsoap bath so we can rinse off the mildew and mold sprouts before locking indoors for a few months. I (ignorantly) feel like once we get it inside, everything else will be easier. At least it won’t be working out the logistics of how to fit 1,000 lb square peg into the round hole with the strength of Joel’s legs.

Side-Thought: I wonder if we should’ve gotten Liquid Wrench instead of just spraying the rusted bolts with WD-40.

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