A Garway

Indoor Glamping

38-garway-vintage-trailer-restore47-garway-vintage-trailer-restoreCanned Ham Refurb

We’ve made it in! We didn’t have to cut anything and was just a few hours of tedious, back and forth work. Took the axle/leaf springs off with some pliers and a socket set, then were able to move it through the door by holding our breath. (A pallet jack and rolling jack also helped.)

Here it will sit while we fix it up! I don’t even know what will be the first project, but it won’t involve moving a small room, so I am looking forward to it. Marinating a little in this small victory.

Side-Thoughts: Noone bled. It was a good day. Also, how is it 2013, year of the iPhone, and it out-of-focus images still exist?

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