A Garway

Heads Up


We’re not sure this is something we should be doing, much less confident telling others why this is a good idea. It’s a large, dilapidated, physical object and it’s in our lives. Lives that weren’t organized, neat, secure, or cozily wrapped up like a Pinterest board. It’s actually almost a tangible representation of how we feel our life is now; in need of attention, but charming to daydream about what could be with a some hard work put into it.

In our of hours research for the project, we came across so many forums, threads, videos of what to do with this impromptu find. It was overwhelming. Others are doing ones in worse shape, on bigger trailers, or stripping them all the way to the metal frame and then starting to build it back up from scratch. Instead of absorbing all I need to know about birch paneling and roof repair, I was just wondering if it’s worth it. If they’re crazy, what the rest of their life is like, and why we’ve been led into feeling that this is what we should be doing.

At least three people a day have come up to us as we work on it. Conversations of, “I want to fix one of these someday,” “My friend fixed up one and made me want to try it,” or ” Sometime the wife and I might like to get one,” quickly evolve. It’s like the ghosts of our past selves are visiting us. Why aren’t they doing it? When are they going to travel in it? Could they be telling me a story about their own experience with wood rot on a trailer?

Writing an email to a friend, I accidentally stumbled upon some accidental gold: ”We don’t know what we’re doing, and you don’t have  to either!” I think we should all embrace the fact that we won’t always know what we’re doing, and just do it. Doing it imperfectly is better than shelving yourself until that mythical alignment of the universe happens. We honestly think the best real sign we’ve gotten is that a penny, heads up, was sealed into the space we parked the trailer on. Sometimes something simple like that is enough to believe it’s what you should be doing.

Side-Thought: This is not what we should be doing. #selfdoubt #doingitanyway

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