A Garway

Axles & Angle Grinders


Feeling quite defeated after taking the stair and wheels out wasn’t enough height to get it through the door. At what point does it not work? I think we’re already past that. When the trailer is being almost fully birthed into the workspace doesn’t feel like far away. If it was a baby, it would’ve already had its shoulders in out, so why be like, “Meh. I think that’s good enough. The rest can just stay in there.”

Tomorrow we’re buying an angle grinder and cutting into some rusted metal shit in hopes that other metal shit falls off. Then we will have several inches of luxurious clearance on a wheel-less, axle-less, 50 year old metal box filled with moldy wood bits. I’m not selling it to myself at the moment, as I’m not convinced it’s what we should be doing with our bodies, minds, time, or money right now. But it is what we are doing and better be doing it as damn well as we can.

This trailer baby isn’t going to birth itself; time to watch some videos about how to cut rusted bolts.

Side-Thoughts: I wonder what normal people will be doing on Christmas Eve. I’m not even sure if I’d be interested in doing whatever that is, at this point; we’re down this hole and chasing that white blur of a rabbit. Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus. *angle grinder collides with metal*

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